Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The One Where My Arms Fell Off.

So for about two and a half weeks, I have been doing fitness bootcamp twice a week. This paid for torture takes place at 8:30 in the morning (on my day off nonetheless) in a park.  When I started this it was a way to hurl me into getting back into shape. And it has been really good. I feel better, I am sleeping better and I really enjoy it....as I am driving away.

The Masterminds behind boot camp definitely perfected the art of trick exercises. Trick exercises don't look that hard when the instructor is demonstrating them, but after the 515th repetition you regret all the times you sat on your couch and laughed at the people on The Biggest Loser.

This week the thing that has made boot camp difficult, actually has very little to do with boot camp itself. This difficulty is brought to you by the lovely people at Food Network Magazine and arrived in my mailbox yesterday.
The Chocolate issue?!?! Seriously? Right now? When I am in the middle of 6 weeks of torture during which my trainer yells things like "DON'T SABOTAGE ALL YOUR HARD WORK BY EATING BADLY!"

The second thing that made boot camp difficult today was the weather. So far I have had it pretty easy with the mild winter we have been having. Even though my boot camp meets pretty early it hasn't been that cold. Recently I have been able to peel off most of my layers before the end. But this morning was different. 

This is what I saw when I got in my car this morning (after I cracked the frost off the door):

And the good news was that by the time I got to the park, the temperature gauge looked like this:

And this is how I felt about the whole experience:

Oh boot camp! One day I will love you.