Friday, January 21, 2011

What do you think?

Sometimes when I am crafting I am positive that when my newest creation gets "released to the public" someone is going to come take it off of my hands and take it straight to the Paris runways.  The demand for my new design will be so high I will have to hire some people to work for me and I will get to quit my other job. Then I post my masterpiece to Etsy and no one seems interested. It gets very few views and no one feels compelled to make it a "favorite".  I am strong enough to take this rejection because usually there is someone out there that falls in love with my craft, it just takes a little while for that person to come forward.

So I am asking you, my loyal readers for your opinion on a new design for a bag. I had a bag similar to this when I first opened the store and it seemed really popular. I am playing around with different designs, colors and textures and have a few other bags in the works but I would love to know what you think. Should this bag be a Sew Sew Lovely staple? Or are my dreams of someone asking a celebrity "What are you wearing?" and the answer being "Sew Sew Lovely?" completely lost on this flop?

This bag is hot off the presses and I did not edit the picture like I usually do, but you get the idea. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

 Would you secretly love something from Sew Sew Lovely for Valentines Day? Even if it is a custom bag or cuff ( let me know the colors or patterns you would like). Drop some hints. Anything in my shop would be a great way to show someone (even yourself) how much you love them!


April said...

you know I love ruffles...and if mine could have some lace, then I am sold! :o) love it!

T.Gray said...

The ruffles are so cute!! PS...I LOVE my bag I got for Christmas! It is so wonderful and have gotten many compliments on it =)

Mollyanne said...

I think it's great! It would also make a really cute diaper bag w/ a few extra pockets inside.

aaron and leah vickroy said...

i think its my fav!!!!! i love it!

Meghan said...

These ruffles are fabulous! It would be a great diaper bag! The ruffled number Kristina has featured on her giveaway is fabulous too!

(I found you by her by Mollyanne)

I am so impressed by your talents. You probably don't remember me from Wesley but I was there when you gave your testimony about healing when the dance ministry was starting up.

danielle @ take heart said...

i just found your shop and blog! love, love, love your bags!! :) have a happy day!