Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 ways I have been Blessed in February

I have to be honest, I don't like February. And no it is not because of any pink-tinged holiday. Crazy and sometimes tragic or really difficult things seem to happen to me in February. This year was really no exception but last night a couple of my friends sent an update email titled "10 ways we were blessed in February" and I felt convicted. Maybe I should focus on the things that went right in February and not the things that went wrong. So here goes:

1. The weather. I know this seems like a lame way to start. You are probably thinking that if my first good thing about February is the weather then the other nine are going to be like watching those awkward and excruciating auditions on American Idol. But seriously doesn't good weather just put you in a good mood? The weather we are having recently has been making me feel like the winter is over and spring is on its way, metaphorically as well as physically.

2. My sweet friend Catherine, who doesn't live in Greenville, got one of her friends who lives here to WALK to my apartment complex and leave flowers on my doorstep on Valentines Day. I am very difficult to surprise but this one had me floored!

3.My aunt does not have rabies! Yes, I know how that statement sounds. My poor aunt got bitten by a stray cat and the doctors were worried the cat was rabid. You can't tell if an animal has rabies without killing it so the vet had to keep the cat and watch it for about 10 days to see if it showed signs (my aunt did not want to kill the cat!). If the cat was rabid my aunt was going to have to have a series of painful vaccines so my family is overjoyed that the cat and my aunt do not have rabies!

4. I got to sped a couple of days with my favorite twins! My good good friend Amantha  let me come stay at her house for a few days and help her take care of her twins, Micah and Yarah.  They just turned one on February 28th! I can't believe the world has had those sweet children for a whole year but I am so glad we have!

5. I found the coolest suitcases at an antique store (store is a strong word for this experience, it is more like a large pile of antiques inside a building) I got such a good deal on them I almost sprinted out of the place so the owner couldn't change his mind.  I have some plans to make crazy furniture out of these suitcases.

6. I have had a lot of new ideas and dreams for my business, Sew Sew Lovely. I am not quite ready to share those yet but exciting things are coming!

7. My dear dear friends Stephen and Christina are having a baby! I have known them since college and while they have been married for 6 years it was just such a surprise. They are going to be such AMAZING parents and I can't wait to meet their new addition.

8. I have had some really sweet times with friends this month. I have had great lunch dates, talks over coffee, phone calls and visits at my kitchen table. I have really felt loved by my friends old or new, here and far away.

9.  My friends Katrina and Kyle went to Africa this month. They will be there until August doing great work and having crazy adventures. Every time I think about what they are doing I am motivated to do big things and live the life I have imagined.

10. I have done a lot of things this month that I was scared to do or never would have done in the past. One example is that I have been dancing a lot more lately and I am loving it!  I have really been trying serve the world with the light that inside me.

So there you have it! Even though February has been a hard month, there  have been blessings and lessons.  I am determined that this February was the last of the terrible Februaries.  Its just a month and in the words of  Florence and the Machine  "The dog days are over!"


Emily Clarke said...

Love you baby sister!

April said...

love the suitcases, and I am declaring with you about no more yucky February's!! You are loved so much and I am sooo thankful for you in my life!!