Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Family Afair

I get asked a lot where I learned to sew and the answer to that question is : Theresa Clarke. My amazing mother taught all of her girls to sew at an early age. I remember sitting on the floor of her work room, pinning together doll clothes or pillows while she worked on something else. She would come to a stopping point with her work and help me with mine. I will be forever grateful that my mom passed on this useful and fullfilling skill to me.

The good news is that my mama just opened her own Etsy store!!! Her Etsy store, At Last Wedding Designs, showcases her elegant and unqiue wedding garters. They are all made fomr vintage lace and hand-beaded. If you are soon to be married or know some one who is, these garters are a must have. They would make a perfect gift and will be something a bride can treasure forever. Check out her store at www.atlastweddingdesigns.etsy.com And while you are at it check out the other Clarke girls' stores : www.emilclarke.etsy.com and www.sewsewlovely.etsy.com

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