Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have just finished 8 new bags!! (to see them more closely go to All that sewing, combined with working the last two days at the coffee shop has left me a very tired girl! It sounds funny but crafting all day is hard work. I am really loving being able to dive into sewing head on right now though. I am also loving living in Greenville and meeting all sorts of new people in the coffee shop. It is interesting the paths that we go down in our lives (I believe that God leads us down them, if we will follow). And at least for right now I enjoy that my life can look very different from one day to the next. What excites you about your life right now?


Catherine Spearman said...

I'm excited because I live at the beach. AND because I have my own parking place at work.

April said...

I am excited for new things...and for getting to stay in touch with friends who have also moved you!

emilea said...

You're stuff is so pretty! I'm so glad you gave me your card (i'm the red head customer who loves to knit!)

I'll definitely be buying some of your bags soon!