Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer of My Dreams

Two years ago, I set out on a quest with a few of my friends (I call them "My Shays"-its a long story) to have the "summer of our dreams". This summer would involve all of us staying in Athens, GA ( where we went to college). We worked some (some more than others) but when we weren't working we did all sorts of memorable things we couldn't do during the school year. We made a list of movies we had always wanted to see. We went to restaurants we had never been to. We learned countless dances from "So You Think You Can Dance." We spent hours at the pool and had sewing parties. We had photo shoots and took road trips. And even though things came up, (tonsillectomies and job interviews come to mind) I had so much fun living life with those shays that summer.

It is funny to see how in the reflection of the "Summer of My dreams", this summer will be drastically different. This summer I will spend more hours making coffee than I will watching movies and dancing. I will sew, like before, but will have far less companions. And while I have to make it to the pool, so that I will look nice in two bridesmaids dresses, I will probably not model walk while I am there. Some of us have gotten married, and some of us are about to be. Some of us are about to leave and some of us have just come home. Oh how much can change in so little time! We are not who we used be and yet some how when I think of summer-I think of you shay. So even though this summer will different, the things that it has in store for us are so priceless maybe it will be one we will talk about (even dream about) in years to come.


aaron & leah vickroy said...

yay, July! I miss the shays and the summer of our dreams. I long for the day we can recreate it. We will have to get together for sytycd at some point this summer. love love love!
leah said...

love it. it really was the summer of our summer ever. you summed it up well. i love and miss youuuu and my other shaylets. i agree with nally about sytycd.

tri said...

that was the sweetest post ever.... haha. I loved it. And oh how I would do anything right now to recreate it this summer... for real. I miss you all terribly.

so much sap. oh my.
but it's true.
love love love love love love love

i LOVE bon jovi

April said...

i loved our times watching So You Think....soo good....I must watch it this summer...wish it was going to be with y'all!!!