Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The one with all the ties

I have a strange love of neckties and I use them for the handles of my bags. About 2 years ago I bought 86 off of an older man I met at an antique show. Those ties have served me well for quite sometime but as I have been making a lot of bags recently, my supply has been dwindling. So I went on eBay and won an auction for 350+ ties. I only paid total of about $24 for them ( $1.25 for the actual ties and the rest was for shipping).

Yesterday there was a loud knock on my apartment door. When I opened it I found a very tired UPS man standing there. He told me he was sure I wasn't going to be home because of how heavy the box was and he would have to carry it back down if I wasn't. Prior to the box arriving at our apartment I was cleaning. All cleaning stopped once that treasure chest of neckties arrived.

The picture to the left is about 170 of them laid out by color on my floor. I don't know who this guy was but he sure did take some fashion risks, as a good portion of these ties are magenta, orange or purple. There are only about 12 that I can't use at all, (this group includes one with dolphins on it and one with Santa Claus and the Rockettes). The rest (I have counted about 370 in total) all have destinies as handles on my bags (especially now that I have so many new color options) or they may be made into the seat of a chair if I get back into making those. Pretty much I am so thankful for my abundance of ties! What are you thankful for today?


April said...

that is awesome! one day, I would LOVE a chair made of ties....if you ever make one again! I know they take a long time....but they are soo cool! love you!! I am thankful for you!

aaron & leah vickroy said...

i am thankful that I have a friend like Julia who will make me a bag out of her ties!

jk love ya!