Monday, June 21, 2010

Taste and see

Today, my sister and I had an adventure that took us to many colorful places. The first was to a lace shop in Fletcher, North Carolina called Corns Fabric Outlet. Oh what a Treasure! Corn's has rows and rows of lace in every color and trims that I could just pitch a fit over. Sadly Corn's is closing soon, so this land of milk and honey will not be open for much longer. If you are in the area it is definitely worth seeking this place out.

After we stopped at a few antique stores and drove through historic Flat Rock, North Carolina (which took us about 8 seconds) we decided that we needed ice cream to successfully conclude the adventure. And thus I had my first experience at Luna Rose, a gelato Cafe in downtown Greenville....I am going to try and limit how much I say about how amazing the gelato was there because my place of business also serves gelato....But I have a new conclusion that heaven may taste something like gelato.

I was standing in front of this massive case of gelato and I wanted to try all the flavors just to make sure I wouldn't have any regrets later. I was slightly embarrassed to ask the guy working behind the counter for that many samples though and I know what it is like to be on the other side of counter. So I asked him which one he liked best. He said a few flavors but then he said "It doesn't matter so much what I want, it matters what you want." I think indirectly he was saying " I am surrounded by this stuff all day and none of it looks appetizing anymore" but it hit a strange chord with me. Go with me a second: Lets say You are standing in front of a huge gelato case and God is on the other side. And God has all the flavors of gelato in the world (symbolically this gelato could represent blessings). And I am standing there wide-eyed and God asks me " Which one do you want Julia? Pick any of them that you want". (Because God wants to give us good gifts!) I want to be able to say back "Its doesn't matter so much what I want, it matters what You want." And very soon I would realize that what He has for me is even sweeter that anything I could pick for myself.


April said...

so good, my friend! I, too, love love love gelato, and love the reference to being in front of the counter and asking God which one...amazing revelation, Julia!
Love you! Can't wait to see you next week!!!

Emily Clarke said...

Love the post, and the adventure was fantastic!